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Remix guidelines and artist roles
Remix guidelines and artist roles

Useful information when releasing a remix of a song

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Remixer guidelines

When releasing a remix version of a song, the remixing artist should be credited as ‘Remixer’ on the track. The only exception is if the primary artist and remixer are the same person. In this case, they should only be credited as ‘Primary Artist’.

The 'Remixer' role cannot be added on a track that is not a type of remix version.

The following versions require a remixer on the track:


Lo-fi Version*

Slowed Down*

Sped Up*

Slowed & Reverb*

*= will be added to apps soon!

General guidelines for artists on a track

Up to 3 unique primary artist roles can be credited on a track - this includes the ‘Primary Artist’ and ‘Remixer’ roles, and combinations of them. The main artist on your Amuse account will be credited as the main primary artist on all tracks, which means you can add either: two more primary artists, one primary artist and one remixer, or two remixers to the tracks.

Apart from primary artists and remixers, there can be multiple featured artists and contributors added to a track, with no particular limitation from a guideline perspective (although other limitations, such as available space to display the names, may apply).

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