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Can I add multiple artists to my release?
Can I add multiple artists to my release?
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The artist name used in the Amuse app is always the primary artist. If this name is wrong, everything you upload will be wrong. (Can I change my Artist name?)

Can I add featured artists? Yes, you can add featured artists to your release simply by adding them under Featured artist on track level when uploading a release in the app.

Can I add a second primary artist?
If you want to have more than one artist as main or primary artist on the release, you can. One primary will always be the artist on the Amuse account. If you want to add another one, it will automatically show up as the second primary artist.

How many primary artists can I have?
You can have a maximum of three Primary artists or Remixers in total on a release. We don’t have support for Various Artists and compilations at this time.

If we are a duo?
If you're a duo or it's your band name, you can have a so-called compound artist name in the app and in this case you can add the duo name as an artist name on one Amuse account (Simon & Garfunkel). If you are two separate artists but want both artists to be listed as primary, you should not have a compound artist name (Mick Jagger & David Bowie). Simple, Two separate artists should be two separate artists on the release as well. Read more about duos here.

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