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Are you a duo or separate artists releasing a track together?
Are you a duo or separate artists releasing a track together?
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Music stores like Spotify and Apple Music consider a permanent duo (like Simon & Garfunkel) different to a temporary one where each artist might have their own profiles in the stores (like Jay Z and Kanye West for example).

Are you performing as a duo? And is this a permanent duo that will last forever? Then you can add your duo name as the artist in your Amuse account.

If it isn't, there are a couple of prominent music stores who won't accept the release.

If you are two separate artists working together on a project or two, you need to list your artist name as the primary artist and list the second artist name on the release as a featured artist. This will ensure that the release is seen on both artist profiles in the music stores. If both artists are considered primary artists, we will help you get it changed. Please contact support by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom right corner. You'll find it on our Helpcenter or any page when you're logged in to your Amuse account.

Steps to take when you have separate side projects and aren’t always releasing music as a duo:

  • Start an account with ONLY one artist name.

  • Create your release and add the second person (not on the account) as a featured artist.

  • Submit a request via the pop-up bubble and choose Releases & Insights > Changes in a release. When we have received your request, we will add the featured artist as a primary artist as it can't be done in the app (yet).

If both primary artists want access to the account in the app, simply sign up with a Google Account that you both have access to or by signing up with email and sharing the password.

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