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How to pick your artist name
How to pick your artist name
Updated over a week ago

A good artist name is unique and searchable. It represents you and your music. Choose wisely! This is really important and we can't stress this enough. If you're lucky your career will be extensive and the artist name will stay with you for a long, long time.

Here are some tips and rules when it comes to choosing an artist name:

  1. Do not choose an artist name that already exists in stores Got a name picked out? Google it, check the stores, scan social media platforms. If it already exists, you will run into problems. Make it easy for your fans to find you and your music with your unique name! It’s up to you to select a name that works for you. Using a unique name is a real advantage as it makes people remember you.

  2. If your own real name is very common, it might get confused with someone else's music.

  3. Emojis are not allowed.

So with all this said, keep your artist name unique!

BUT also, remember these pretty simple rules:

  • We take the artist name from the Amuse account. What you write in the artist name field will be your artist name in the stores.

  • No Additional Information. For example: don't add a former band name, an instrument, or something else.

  • Former artist names are not allowed. For example Artist aka The Artist.

  • No Compound Artist or a temporary duo. For example: If there is more than one performing artist, each artist must be listed individually and identified as Primary. If it is a real duo that will release music together on an ongoing basis, the two names should be added as one artist name.

  • No Generic Artist Names. For example: Yoga, Meditation, Christmas, Top Hits, are not accepted as artist names.

For more tips on choosing a good artist name, check our online guide here.

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