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Teams and Artists
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Amuse Pro users can add up to 20 team members to an artist account or release, like managers, producers, label staff etc.

The multi-user account functionality lets you invite your team to manage your artist project, giving them access to distribute music to stores, set up royalty splits between artists, gather listener data and track your song’s performance.

Please note that multiple artist profiles is a Pro feature. This means that if one of your team members already has a Boost account with an existing artist, they will need to upgrade to Pro to join your team.

How to add team members to your account:

First, decide who you want to add to your account and the permission levels you will grant them.

Then, click “Artist” in your Amuse Pro dashboard, navigate to the “Team” section and add their information (first name, last name, email OR phone number) and set their permission level - admin, member or spectator.

Click “invite team member”. Once they accept your invitation via email, you’re set!

Team roles

Team roles grant your team members different permissions and access settings.


Can invite and remove team members, create releases, and see releases and streams. There can be only one owner per team and they cannot change without contacting support


Can invite and remove team members, create releases, and see releases and streams.


Can create releases, and see releases and streams.


Can only see releases and streams.

How to change ownership:

If you wish to change ownership of an artist profile to someone else contact us. Please contact us by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom right corner. You'll find it on our Helpcenter or any page when you're logged in to your Amuse account. If you don't see the chat bubble on Web, make sure you've accepted our Cookies in your browser.

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