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Can I change or delete a submitted release?
Can I change or delete a submitted release?

Describing what changes can be made after submitting a release

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When uploading a release, take extra care to review the details - you should feel confident that it's ready to go live, before hitting the submit button.

Even so, we understand that things happen and that you might need to change something after submitting - and in some cases that is possible.

Artwork changes

If you have a Pro or Boost account you can request to change your artwork even if the release has already been approved. Get in touch with us by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom right corner. You'll find it on our Help center or any page when logged into your Amuse account.

If your release wasn't approved due to issues with the artwork, use either the mobile- or web app to change the image. Go to "Music", click "Fix" on the release in question, upload the new artwork, and submit the changes for review. It's faster and easier than reaching out to us for artwork adjustments.

Audio file changes or removing tracks from a release

Individual tracks cannot be added or removed once a release has been submitted. However, in some cases, audio files with errors can be replaced. If you're on the web app you can even replace the rejected audio file yourself, provided the issue can be resolved by correcting just the audio file. If you only have access to the mobile app, you'll need to upload a new release instead.

If you choose to make a new upload instead, and the release has been live before, make sure you reuse the track's originally assigned ISRC when you re-upload so that they retain the streaming data. Only use the same ISRC if it's the same audio file and metadata as before. Ask us to delete the old upload once the new one is live on streaming services.

Delete whole releases

You can take down your release(s) from the stores whenever you want to. If your release is delivered, or live in stores, simply log into your Amuse account, go to "My Music", select the release, then click the button "Take down release". Then it will be removed from the music services within a couple of days.

If your release is "In Review" or "Not approved" you can delete the upload yourself in the app. Simply choose the release you want to cancel, and press Delete. On mobile, update to the latest version of the Amuse app. If you get an error message, the release is most likely already deleted. Please refresh the app data to make sure.

Keep in mind that taken-down releases can't be fully deleted from the app. They will be removed from stores, but you'll still see the release in the app and can access its information, such as UPC or ISRC codes.

Change artist name

Sure! However, there are a couple of things to consider before requesting it: Read about changing artist name here.

Make sure to always contact us with the same email address used for your Amuse account. That way we know you're a verified user from the start.

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