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How do I switch to amuse?
How do I switch to amuse?
Updated over a week ago

Can you transfer your already released music over to amuse? Yes! You can and don’t worry, it’s easy. You will still keep the same streams and artist profile in the stores.

Below you will find the steps to take:

Make sure to collect the track title, artist name, the track length, the actual audio file and the ISRC code from your previous distributor (they will have all of the information). This is needed for it to be counted as the same record when you upload through amuse.

When you have collected all of the important information, you can start the upload on the amuse app! Make sure to add the original ISRC codes when uploading, if you don't we will create new ISRC codes for you and but the streams won't sync with your old release. Not only the ISRC but all the track metadata (track info including track title, artist name etc) needs to be the same as the original release.

Make sure to add your original release date.

When we have approved everything, check the release in the stores. You can now see that the amuse release and the release from the previous music distributor have the same stream count (If you have correctly followed the steps). Keep in mind that it might take a couple of days for the release to be in stores.

When both of the releases are in the stores and everything looks OK, you can contact the previous music distributor and ask them to take your original release down from them. To have the music out from both sources at the same time simplifies the transition and potential mistakes can then be corrected to match the original release.

As soon as the release has been taken down from the previous distributor, we will start to collect the royalties. Until then, all royalties go through to your previous distributor. Keep this in mind before closing down your account at any previous music distribution service.

We will be right by your side during the whole process so just let us know if you need any assistance.

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