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What are ISRCs?

The ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) is a unique code to identify sound recordings and music video recordings. It consists of 12 characters and starts with a country code (two letters). This is what the stores use to identify your track and make sure that royalties and streams are distributed correctly.

How should I add ISRCs when uploading music?

  • If you are uploading a track to Amuse that is or has been live in stores: you need to make sure you use the ISRC every time you upload the same track anywhere. This also applies when you have released a track as a single and then want to use it on an album.

  • If this is a brand new track: Your producer or mastering engineer will provide you with it and if they don’t have an ISRC, just leave the field empty and we will assign you one for free. You will see the ISRC in the app once the release is approved.

Where can I find my ISRC?

For tracks that you have released with Amuse, the ISRC code is available on each track in the app (once it is approved). To find an ISRC from a previous distributor, you have to contact them.

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