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Re-release a Single in an Album
Re-release a Single in an Album
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Re-releasing a single as part of an album or EP is easy. By following the steps below, you can also ensure that your streams from the single version sync to the album/EP version:

  1. Start with uploading the Single (see our guide here).

  2. Copy the ISRC code of your Single. You can find the ISRC by simply logging into your Amuse account, going to “My Music” and selecting the release.

  3. When uploading the Album, make sure to include the correct ISRC for the single. All other information (artist name, title etc) as well as the audio file should be the same as the Single version.

  4. When the Album is released, you can choose to either take the Single version down or keep it. If you take it down, the Album version of the track will remain online. To take down the Single, go to "My Music", select the release and then click the button "Take down release".

How does it all work?

As long as the same ISRC has been used, the streams will sync seamlessly between the Single and Album version of the song.

It’s an automatic process to sync the streams, which means you don’t need to lift a finger. Once the upload is complete, you can just sit back and relax.

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