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How to delete your account
How to delete your account
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Deleting your account is a big decision – once done, it can't be undone. Before you proceed, make sure you're certain about it. Just to clarify, this will erase your entire Amuse history, including emails, release data, and any potential royalties.

If you just need to update your email or artist name, we can help without closing your account.

Removing releases

If you're sure about deleting your account, first make sure that all your releases are taken down. You can take down any live releases by heading to the tab "My Music" in your Amuse account, selecting the release and clicking "Take down release".

If there are no live releases, you can delete your profile directly in the Amuse app on iOS or Android. Keep in mind, royalties take 3-6 months to be paid out, so please wait for any remaining earnings to be received after takedown.

Receiving outstanding royalties

We recommend keeping your account open for a minimum of 6 months from the date your releases have been taken down. This will enable us to ensure you are paid any remaining royalties. Your account being open does not affect your ability to join another distributor.

If you haven't released music with us or if your releases were taken down over 6 months ago, you are welcome to request deletion.

How to Delete

If you're ready to delete your account, you can request deletion in the app or contact us from your Amuse email.


  1. Open the Amuse app.

  2. Navigate to 'Account.'

  3. Tap 'Edit.'

  4. Choose 'Delete Account.'


  1. Open the Amuse app.

  2. Navigate to 'Account.'

  3. Scroll down to 'Actions.'

  4. Choose 'Delete Account.'


Contact our Support team by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom right when logged into your Amuse account on Web. Select 'Account and Subscriptions,' then 'Delete my account,' and follow the provided steps.

We'll take care of closing your account, ensuring a complete deletion of all personal data, including your message history and release information. The account closure process will be finalized within 30 days from the official request, in accordance with GDPR requirements.

Make sure you're completely certain before requesting deletion as it's a permanent decision. Best of luck with whatever comes next! 🎉

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