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Frozen & deactivated accounts
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When an account is frozen or deactivated it means you will no longer be able to upload music through Amuse. There are a few different reasons why an Amuse account could get frozen or deactivated. What they all have in common is that the account would have been involved in activities that go against our, or the streaming services’, policies and Terms of Use.

What's the difference between frozen and deactivated?

When an account is frozen, it's still possible to log into the account and withdraw royalties from it. However, if the account is deactivated, it's not possible to access the account or withdraw royalties. If the violation is considered severe, the account will most likely be deactivated instead of frozen.

Why was my account frozen/deactivated?

Here are the three most common reasons:

1. Artificial streaming activity:
Artificial streaming activity can be the result of one of these things:

  1. Paid promotion through a third-party service. Services that guarantee a certain amount of streams, playlist ads or followers are usually illegitimate.

  2. Systematically putting the song on repeat.

If the stores find a release has been fraudulently streamed, they can withhold royalties for that release.

2. Copyright infringement:
Uploading releases that infringe the copyright of someone else is a breach of our Terms of Use. Some examples of this are stolen beats, unauthorised samples & remixes, using famous artist names/brands, etc.

Always make sure you own all the rights to all the releases you upload with us. You need permission from the original rights holders in order to distribute content you did not create or use a name that doesn’t belong to you.

3. Fraudulent Pro/Boost payments:
If you have tried to pay for Amuse Pro/Boost with a card that was reported stolen or fraudulent, we will receive a notification and will proceed to freeze the account. This could also result in the deletion of the releases and cancellation of the Pro/Boost subscription.

What happens with outstanding royalties?

If your account is deactivated you won’t be able to withdraw royalties. If your account is frozen you will be able to access your user page and withdraw any potential royalties.

Do you have a frozen account and need more information?

For details about why the account got frozen, or for a status update on your royalties, please contact support by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom right corner. You'll find it on our Helpcenter or any page when you're logged in to your Amuse account.

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