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Licensing & copyright
Updated over a week ago

What is music copyright?

Music copyright assigns legal ownership of a musical composition or sound recording. If you are the copyright holder you have exclusive rights to distribute and reproduce the music, as well as earn royalties from it.

If the music you made is completely your own original work, you usually own the copyright automatically as soon as the work is in a tangible format (this might differ from country to country, though).

What to consider when distributing with Amuse

If you want to release a remix, cover, or song that contains samples, you will need a license or permission from the copyright holder(s). Without it, the release will infringe copyright law and it could lead to legal action from the original copyright owner. Uploading music without having rights can also lead to the deactivation of your Amuse account as it goes against our Terms of Use. Check here to know what could lead to a frozen account.

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