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Pricing options for digital music stores
Pricing options for digital music stores
Updated over a week ago

Amuse distributes to the most common price rate in each store and region. This means that we don't offer pricing options and that the stores set the prices.

Can I customize the pricing?

It's currently not possible to customize the pricing in stores. Rest assured that the stores have the same goal as you do: to make sure as many people as possible buy your music, while at the same time balancing that with earning a reasonable amount back.

How is the pricing set?

The pricing that your music is sold for is set automatically. It's set according to the number of tracks, length of the tracks and region. For example, in iTunes, there's a higher price for singles longer than 10 minutes.

Pricing is set according to what's the current market level. This way, we can value your hard work as an artist/ music creator, while also make sure your music is appealing and easily accessible to potential new fans.

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