NetEase Cloud Music
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What is it?

NetEase Cloud Music is China's leading music streaming service with over 800 million registered users. It operates under a freemium business model in which basic services are free whilst some enhanced features are available on a subscription basis. More than 50% of the millions of songs in the library are non-Chinese, which means it's an amazing platform for Chinese music fans to discover new international music.

How does it work?

NetEase Cloud Music offers new and exciting ways for fans to share their favorite music and thereby also for artists to grow their popularity. There are many ways for fans to interact with their favorite artists and songs. They can offer feedback on songs, share their favorite music, create playlists and interact directly with the artists.

Who can deliver music there?

Everyone who distributes music through Amuse can deliver their music to NetEase Cloud Music. Delivery to NetEase is included for Boost and Pro accounts.

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