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Which stores are included in 7Digital?

When you deliver your music to 7Digital, this also includes delivery to Snapchat and Soundtrack Your Brand. Soundtrack Your Brand is automatically included. For Snapchat, it's not guaranteed that your music will go live there since it's a curated store. Your music needs to meet certain requirements to be released there.

How can I get my release delivered to Snapchat?

When you deliver your music to 7Digital, your music will automatically be submitted for review to Snapchat as well.
Keep in mind that:

  • There are certain criteria that Snapchat require our artists to meet, such as being a member of a U.S. Performance Rights Organisation

  • Snapchat makes the final decision on what is curated on their platform, so give it a try!

  • If a track is made available on Snapchat, it will mean Snapchat users can incorporate up to 60 seconds of the music and the associated artwork into their content

What do I need to do?

If you're the songwriter or if you know the writers of your release, make sure all writers are registered with a U.S. based PRO (Performance Rights Organisation) such as BMI, SESAC or ASCAP. This will increase the chances of your release going live on Snapchat.

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