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Soundtracks and Original Scores
Soundtracks and Original Scores
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A soundtrack or score is the recording of the musical accompaniment of a film, play, TV show, series, or video game. An original score is when the music has been purposefully made for that specific production whereas a soundtrack is a selection of songs chosen to be featured in the production.

What to consider when distributing a soundtrack/score with Amuse

There are certain metadata guidelines that are required when distributing soundtracks and original scores. We’ll list them here to make sure your release goes live in stores:

To release a soundtrack/score select the genre Soundtrack or Original Score or any of the following subgenres if they apply: Foreign Cinema, Musicals, TV Soundtrack, Video Game. These genres should not be used if it's not an actual soundtrack/score.

There are certain formatting requirements for titles when releasing this type of content:

  • The titles should be written in the following format:

Title (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - when it’s a soundtrack of a movie, short film, series, or TV show.
Title (Original Game Soundtrack) - when it’s the soundtrack of a video game.

Title (Original Score) - when it is the original score of a movie, short film, series, or TV show.

Title (From “[Title of the other media]”) - when it’s a 1 track Single, e.g: Main Theme (From “Titanic”)

  • If you are uploading an EP or Album and the tracks are not from the same soundtrack/score, indicate which one it’s from in the title, e.g. Main Title (From Game of Thrones: Season 7) or Main Title (From The Wizard Of Oz Soundtrack)

Releasing covers of tracks that belong to a score/soundtrack

If you want to distribute a cover of a track from a Soundtrack/Score, the requirements are different:

  • The chosen genre should not be any of the following: Soundtrack/Original Score, Foreign Cinema, Musicals, TV Soundtrack, Video Game.

  • The original composer of the soundtrack/score should be added only as a writer (as per the cover guidelines).

  • The title should only be the original title of the song (no additional information from the film/series/play/video game should be added)

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