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What is Release and Track Version?
What is Release and Track Version?
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A release or a track version means that there is more than one version of the same track.

For example: a Radio Edit is shorter with a different ending than the already released version.

If it's a one-track single and the track has a track version entry, this exact entry must be filled in on product/release version field as well.

These are the most common versions. They are added in a social field in the app, not in the title. In the stores, however, the version will be found right next to the title, either in parenthesis or after a hyphen.

These are ALL approved by the stores.








Radio Edit

Extended Version

Cover Version



Always add Live as a version if it is indeed a recording of a live performance.

If there are two different version entries, "Live" and "Acoustic" for example, the first should go behind the title in between brackets and the second in the version field. Title: Cup of Tea (Live) Version: Acoustic (Live must be the first version)

If the version title includes time and venue, it should be formatted as Live at Place, Year (or the date when applicable). If the release is in Portuguese use Ao Vivo and in Spanish use En Vivo or En Directo.


If you have a remixer added as a contributor, the version must say Remix (which may include the name of the remixer, like Remix by Awesome, an Awesome remix, etc.)

Below are some examples of a version that WON’T be approved (not a complete list):

Album Version

Original Version/Original Mix

Previously Unreleased


Exclusive / Limited

CD, digital, digitally, album, EP, single

Explicit and Clean versions

Explicit (bad language) and Clean (where the bad language has been "beeped out" or some other way removed) are added to a release but not as versions. In the Amuse app, there is a special place to mark whether it is explicit or not.

Tricky 1

Intro, Interlude, and Outro are not versions but should stay in the title: It's an Awesome Day (Intro).

Tricky 2

More than 1 version to a track, like live and acoustic? Add one in brackets after the title, the second one in the version field. (Live should always go first).

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