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What is important when it comes to Titles?
What is important when it comes to Titles?
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You can name your tracks exactly how you want! But again, the stores have some rules. Read below on how you can avoid complications when it comes to titles:

  • Keep it simple! Avoid extra information in the title if you can.

  • Do not add the featured artist or the original artist if your song is a cover.

  • Do not add the recording year.

  • Try avoiding adding special characters.

  • Don't add emojis or symbols.

  • If you have a featuring artist, the name should be added in the contributors' field.

  • If it is a remix, it should be added as a version(read more about it here)

  • Do not use Generic Titles. For example: Titles such as "track 1" and "track 2", or an album called "Album", or "Demo". We suggest not to use generic terms as they are not always accepted by the stores. Some information may be added to the title. Intro and Outro are OK in the title when in brackets. For example: My Flower (Intro).

  • If a track has different versions (radio edit, Extended version, etc.), feel free to add a version in the app when uploading, but not in the title. (Read more about that here). Can the titles have explicit words? Yes, they can, but iTunes and Apple Music might censor them with ***. We don't censor titles.

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