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Using the Amuse web service
Using the Amuse web service
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When using our web service (, you can:

  • View your releases in progress

  • View your live releases

  • Upload new releases

The web tool will continue to be updated with new features, but for now you will have to use the app if you want to:

  • Check streams

  • View balance and withdraw money

  • Re-submit not approved releases

  • Delete releases

In Progress tab

On the tab called In Progress you can view all releases that are currently pending approval, not approved or delivered to the stores.

If you click any of the releases you will be able to view the release and track details for that release.

Once a release has gone live it will be displayed on In Progress for 45 days before it disappears. It will then be found on the My Music tab instead.

Please note that you cannot delete releases or edit them through the web tool. If a release is not approved, please check your email or the app for instructions on how to proceed.

My Music tab

On My Music you will find all your releases that are live in stores. If a release has been taken down it will still be displayed here.

Click on a release to view the release and track details.

Release Builder

Find more information about the release builder in this article

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