Royalty splits
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What is the Royalty Split feature?

Our Royalty Split feature lets you collaborate with other artists on new music, making sure every artist on the project gets their share of royalties without any hassle.

How do royalty splits work?

Royalty splits are now available to all users. You can set up your royalty splits in the app, and share earnings automatically with your featured artists and collaborators.

Both Amuse Pro and Boost users keep 100% of their split shares.

Read more about royalty splits here.

How do royalty split invites work?

New releases:

  1. Create a release.

  2. Upload your tracks and fill out track details.

  3. Confirm all the tracks for your release and continue to Royalty Splits.

  4. For each track, add the people with whom you want to share royalties. Make sure to use the correct email address or phone number.

  5. Choose the percentage for the split. The sum in total must equal 100%.

  6. To continue to the next track, click “Save”.

  7. The invites for the splits will be sent out when the release has been approved.

  8. Make sure that your collaborators accept the invite before the release date or their share will default back to the release owner.

  9. All set!

Releases that are already live:

  1. Log into your Amuse account on web (please note that you can not edit splits in the iOS or Android apps yet for tracks that are already live).

  2. Click the release you want to edit splits for.

  3. On each track you will see the existing split (If no splits are set up yet, you will have 100%)

  4. Click the button “Edit Splits” for the track you want to change.

  5. Select who you want to give a split. (Note: you can either add someone you’ve given splits before or add a new person)

  6. Your new split will be labeled pending - the person you’ve given a split will get an invitation through email or text message and needs to accept within 14 days.

  7. Your split is active as soon as it has been approved by your collaborator, but remember that you will see the money first in three months due to the delay of royalty payouts from the stores.

What happens to my splits if I don’t have an Amuse Pro/Boost subscription?

If you cancel your Amuse Pro or Boost subscription, you will still be able to receive royalties, but if you have splits set up you'll be charged 15% of your share of the monthly royalty payout for that track. Note that this only applies to tracks that have active splits set up - on tracks without splits the owner still keeps 100% of their royalties with no cut.

An example of how royalty splits works for a user who's cancelled their subscription:

Let's say the track receives $100 this month and your royalty split cut is 40%. Your split of the revenue is then $40, which you'll receive the full amount of if you're subscribed. If you're not subscribed to Pro or Boost, we will take 15% of your cut, which in this case is $6. In the end, you will receive $34.

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