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Fast Forward
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Fast Forward is our automatic advance service, giving you access to your future royalties while letting you keep 100% of your master rights.

Need cash for your new music video? Want to plaster posters all over town? Fast Forward helps you advance your music career without a contract.

What is it?
Fast Forward is a royalty advance service from Amuse. It analyzes your streaming data to calculate and pay out upcoming earnings when you release music with Amuse. Simply put, it lets you withdraw the money you make from your music sooner rather than later.

How does it work?
Thanks to the streaming data we can pick up from the distribution service, Fast Forward can analyze more than 65 billion data points to calculate future royalties. Each offer is custom calculated for your individual music catalogue.

If you’re eligible, you can find your Fast Forward offer in the $ or Wallet section on our web or mobile apps.


How do I qualify for Fast Forward?

First of all, you need to distribute your music through Amuse. And since more songs equals more data, you should move your entire catalogue.

The more data the system has to work with, the more likely you'll be offered a Fast Forward. That means that if you're an artist with a somewhat established fanbase and a steady amount of streams coming in each month, you're on the right track.

What happens to my rights?

You keep 100% of your master rights. When you accept a Fast Forward offer, your distribution rights are locked with Amuse until your advance and fee are recovered. You won’t be able to edit Splits that the advance is based on until it’s recouped. Once you’re fully recouped, you'll collect your royalties just as usual again. You can track your recoupment progress in the apps.

Do I owe Amuse money?

No, it's more like you owe yourself money. You only pay back your advance with your own future royalties. We won’t charge artists for any money they don’t make back, and the artist is not liable on a personal level.

How are the fees calculated?

Each Fast Forward offer includes a fee that is charged upon your advance. It's as personalized as the offer itself and dependent on the individual data of each artist and the actual time period, meaning the number varies. It considers factors such as stability, risk, and richness of data. The fee is always stated clearly in the offer.

What happens after I get the offer?

If you choose to accept a Fast Forward offer, the Amuse app will take you through the terms & conditions of the advance. After you've approved them, you will be able to make a payout through your Amuse Wallet. Depending on which transfer method you use (PayPal or bank transfer), a small transfer fee may apply.


How do I recoup?

The Amuse apps will track your recoupment automatically, so you don’t need to do anything. The royalties you earn after taking the offer are used to recoup the advance. The advances are usually calculated to be recouped within 3 to 6 months, and you can easily track your recoupment in the apps.

Pro tip: if you release more music or move over your catalogue, you'll probably be recouped way faster.

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