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What is a sample?

A sample is when you incorporate a part or element of another artist’s song into an entirely new track of your own.

Using samples without legal permission is a violation of copyright law. It doesn’t matter how short or altered the sample is, you will still need permission from the copyright owner.

What to consider when distributing with Amuse

To legally use a sample you will need two different licenses, one to use the master recording (usually owned by the artist or label), and one to use the composition (usually owned by the songwriter and/or publisher).

Royalty-free samples

Clearing a sample can be a lengthy and complex process so many artists choose instead to use license-free sample packs from digital libraries such as Tracklib, SampleRadar, and Splice.

You can read here how legal sampling works with Tracklib. If you use amuse you’ll get the first 15 tracks for free!

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