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Payment & royalties
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How long does it take Amuse to pay out royalties?

The streaming services usually pay out royalties 2-3 months after the streams happen. A Spotify stream in February shows in April. A June download in Apple Music shows in August. We process the incoming payments from the streaming platforms at the end of each month, and once you request it you get the money shortly after.

What can I see in the app?

  • Your current Balance and when the balance was updated. This is the total royalty amount you’ve earned so far.

  • Your Transaction History further down shows payouts from the different stores. Note that the month shows when the stream happened - not when the payment was done (read more below).

  • The amount of royalties you’ve earned is shown in the “Wallet” section of the Amuse app, which you can access by clicking the “$” in the top left corner (iOS) or tap on the three dots in the top right corner (Android).

  • When your balance has reached the minimum limit for withdrawals according to your selected transfer method, you can withdraw your royalties from the Amuse Wallet.

  • To get your most recent balance, pull down to refresh your Wallet tab.

Which payment service do you use?

We have made royalty withdrawals easy with Amuse Wallet. You can now handle your royalty payouts directly from within the Amuse app. Depending on the country and the currency, you will have different payment methods to choose from, like PayPal or your bank account.

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