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Taxes & Tax Forms
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Questions about taxes? Here’s all you need to know:

If you are Swedish:

Since Amuse is a Swedish company, we’re required by law to report to the Swedish tax agency the total amount that has been withdrawn by our Swedish users the previous year. This report is made on a personal level and does not take into account if that user has a company or not.

Here are our answers to some common questions from Swedish Amuse users:

Why did you report royalties?

We’re required to report it to the Swedish tax agency by law.

Do I have to pay taxes for the royalties that I have withdrawn or is the money already taxed?

Your royalties don't include VAT (Value-added Tax) and we do not withdraw/pay any income tax on your behalf. If you have any further questions about your legal and tax obligations under national law, please reach out to your local tax office.

Why didn’t you withdraw taxes?

When it comes to royalties, we’re not supposed to withdraw taxes. That needs to be done by the artist themselves.

The amount you have reported is not correct.

Reach out to our Support team by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom right corner. You'll find it on our Helpcenter or any page when you're logged in to your Amuse account. Ask for a detailed royalty statement. If the amount reported doesn’t match the royalties withdrawn the previous year, let us know and we will give you further instructions.

I have received my tax return from the Swedish Tax Agency, where you have reported that I’ve personally earned royalties. But I have a company where this should be registered instead. How do I solve this?

Contact the tax agency and let them know that the royalties should be registered in the company instead. They will inform you how to do this.

Can I register as a company through Amuse instead of as a private person?

Currently, it’s not possible to register as a company. We’ll let you know if this changes in the future.

If you are outside of Sweden (rest of world):

Since Amuse is a Swedish company, we don't handle taxes or tax forms outside of Sweden. Here are our answers to some common questions about taxes from Amuse users in other countries:

I’m an independent artist and I don’t have a registered business. Are there any legal requirements, restrictions, or limitations regarding taxes in my case?

Please reach out to your local tax office.

Tax season has arrived in my country and I need to report my earnings in royalties to the local Tax Agency. Do I get a tax form from Amuse?

Sorry, we can’t provide foreign tax forms.

Do I need any tax forms from Amuse to get paid?

No, you will get paid anyway. Keep in mind that it’s your personal responsibility to stay updated about the local tax laws in your country and how that applies to your royalties.

Can you provide a detailed royalty statement to present to my accountant?

Yes. Please reach out to our Support team by clicking the chat bubble pop-up in the bottom right corner to message our support team. You can find this chat bubble on our Helpcenter, or on any page if you’re logged in on Web and iOS.

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