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What happens after I submit my release?

Once you submit your release in the web builder or app, we will go through the music, artwork, and the information you provided and make sure everything is ok. We will get back to you if we have any questions, otherwise, we will send it directly to the stores. Either way, you will hear from us soon!

This is what happens step by step:

  1. You will receive an email confirming the upload of your release to Amuse.

  2. We will review the music, metadata, and artwork you have supplied. If we have any questions, we will contact you.

  3. You will receive a second email about the release once it’s been approved by Amuse and sent to the stores.

  4. On the day of your release, your release will be available in the stores from midnight in your territory. We will reach out again with a link to your music on the stores for you to share with your fans.

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