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Parental Advisory / Explicit guidelines
Parental Advisory / Explicit guidelines
Updated over a week ago

It is important that you mark your track with the correct parental advisory label. The labels are used by the stores to communicate to their users if a track contains any lyrics that can be considered offensive. Failure to use the correct label will result in your track being rejected or taken down from the stores.


If your track contains any explicit lyrics, such as derogatory language, swearing, drug references, references to violence etc, then you have to mark it as 'Explicit' when uploading it to us.


Only use this label if there is already an explicit version of this track. This means if you have "beeped out" any parts of the lyrics that can be considered explicit. Do not change the title of your track, the stores will automatically censor any explicit words from the title.

Not explicit

Use this label if your lyrics/titles do not contain any explicit lyrics.

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