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How To Create A Press Release
How To Create A Press Release
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A press release is a great way to help promote your track. You can send this out to online newspapers, magazines, blogs, radio stations, influencers etc, just before your release is out or just after.

You can of course pay a PR Agency to create one for you. However, if you want to save a little money for other types of promotion or for a music video, then continue to read this article!

Find your Target Audience

First, you have to find who your target audience is and who would resonate with your music. For example, if you’re releasing a Deep-House track, you wouldn’t want to send it to a Hip Hop or Rap blog. It’s very important to find out ‘your crowd’! When you’ve found your target audience, make a list with the contact details of music bloggers, music journalists and other potentially interesting people to send your press release to.

Keep It Simple

Music Bloggers, Newspaper Editors and Radio Station Curators are all very busy people, so you will need to make sure to keep your press release concise and straight to the point.

Find a Catchy Subject Line

Your subject line needs to be something eye-catching and interested. It’s always good to write your artist name first and then what you want to say in the subject line. The reason for this is because if you do stand out, they will remember who you are by your name!

For example, ARTIST NAME: EYE CATCHING STATEMENT HERE. Good subject lines can mention the following:

  • Upcoming Tour

  • Well-known collaborations

  • Music video that’s interesting

  • Social justice issues

  • Demographics you identify with

  • Cultural relations to the people you are connecting to

Adding Links

Don’t add attachments, but instead, add links to your press release. Don’t send an .mp3 file. Downloading attachments can sometimes be seen as risky and editors and bloggers may just delete your email without opening up your email.

Send them links to your releases in the body of the message. If your release isn’t out yet, send them a private SoundCloud link, Unlisted YouTube video, or a link with a preview of your song. If they’re interested, they will ask you for the mp3 or just use the links you gave.

Adding Photos and Charm

Include links to your socials, website and always remember to add press photos. These will potentially be used to promote you, so put your best face forward!

Lastly, be as charming as you can be and again, straight to the point! Even compliment the blog, newspaper, or radio station you are wanting to be a part of.

In Short

The Do’s:

  • Do add a heading and banner

  • Do talk up the blog and say how much your release would fit their blog. Thanks them for their time first and foremost

  • Do add a press shot with your song links, video link, tour info / ticket info underneath

  • Do expand on your heading but be specific and to the point

  • Do add explain your new release, social issue, new tour information, well-known collaboration or other eye catching news

  • Do add a brief artist bio, and state your musical influence & style so they know who you are.

  • Do add quotes and endorsements from blogs that have featured you before.

  • Do sign off with contact information at the end of your press release, website and social links.

The Don'ts:

  • Don’t add an mp3 or large video files as attachments

  • Don’t make your press release too long

Best of luck with your press release and upcoming music release! Read more in this article about general tips for promoting your music.

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