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Using Amuse with Apple ID
Using Amuse with Apple ID
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Sign in with Apple (SIWA)

With Sign in with Apple you can create an Amuse account using your Apple ID. You can choose to share your personal email address with Amuse or use Hide my Email.

What is the Hide My Email option?

If you choose to hide your email when you create an Amuse account with Sign in with Apple, a random email address is created by Apple and your personal email is not shared with us.

It will look like something this: [email protected]

If you choose to hide your email:

  • Make sure to pay notice to and save the relay email that Apple creates for you.

  • Remember that, even though our emails sent to you arrive at your personal email account, we are actually sending them to the account.

  • In order to reset your password or contact Amuse Support, you need to know and use your private relay email.

  • If you are an Amuse Pro user, keep in mind that to receive Fast Lane Support you need to use the private relay email.

How do I log in with SIWA?

  • On iOS:

    1. Open the Amuse App

    2. Click the Sign in with Apple button


How do I log into Amuse on other devices?

SIWA only works on the Amuse iOS app. If you'd like to log into your Amuse account on Android or web, please:

  1. Reset your password (this will create a new password for you)

  2. Log in with email and password

How do I reset my password?

  1. Enter your Amuse account email address here. Remember to use your email if you chose Hide my Email.

  2. An email will be sent with a link, click on it and enter your new password

Note: If you used Hide my Email, you will need to enter your private relay email to reset the password.

How do I find my Apple private relay email (Hide my Email)?

  1. Open your Amuse App

  2. Click on the Settings icon on the top right corner

  3. Under Info, you'll find your Email

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