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What content does Amuse not approve?
What content does Amuse not approve?
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Amuse is dedicated to empowering independent artists. We're a music platform and therefore only distribute music, so keep this in mind before uploading.

Here's the content that doesn't quite hit the right notes with us:

  1. πŸ“š Narratives Beyond Music: Audiobooks, podcasts, or radio shows are not considered musical works. There are plenty of other avenues for sharing this content, just not through us.

  2. πŸ€– AI-Generated Content: While technology marches forward, we're keeping our platform authentic to maintain the integrity of the original artists.

  3. 🚫 Non-Musical Noise Content: White/Brown/Pink Noise, ASMR, Frequencies (Hz, Waves, Tones), Sound Effects/Sound Design (Nature sounds), Guided Meditation and Binaural Beats is not considered music and is therefore a no-go.

  4. 🎻 Classical Covers: We cherish classical compositions in their original form. Unfortunately, covers of these masterpieces won't find a home here.

  5. πŸ™ Sacred Sounds: We cherish prayers, sermons, mantras, and recitations for their profound spiritual resonance, honoring their authenticity and time-honored traditions. However, in this space dedicated to musical expression, we respectfully decline this as non-musical content. Religious music, on the other hand, continues to find a welcome embrace, enriching our souls with its divine melodies and lyrical devotion.

  6. ❌ Terms of Use Transgressions: Our stage is built on mutual respect. Any content that goes against our Terms of use will be rejected and your account will also be closed down.

Ready to showcase your musical masterpiece? Dive into our guide on the seamless process of uploading your beats with us here.

Happy uploading! πŸš€ If you have any questions, our support team is just a note away. 🎀🌟

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