What is Amuse?
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Amuse was founded in Stockholm, Sweden as an answer to one simple question: what would a record company look like if it was created today?

Our solution

We built Amuse in an effort to change the music industry for the better. The way we produce music has changed, the way people listen to music has changed, but the traditional labels have not. Artists of today want to be in control.

So we rethought distribution. And we rethought artist discovery.

It is now mobile. We look at how people listen to your music on a small and big scale. We also rethought how deals are done. We want the artists to own their music, so we only do license deals.

We have changed a lot of things but we are not done yet. We are just getting started.

The team

Our team consists of a mix of tech and music industry veterans with experience from Spotify, HSBC, Stardoll, and big labels such as Universal Music and Warner Music.

We’re still looking for more brilliant people to join us in the mission of disrupting the music industry so make sure you visit our career page.

Amuse empowers artists from all over the world.

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