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YouTube/Google has launched a new service called YouTube Shorts. It's rolling out in Beta version now and is constantly being updated and improved. Here's all you need to know:

What is YouTube Shorts?

Shorts is a short-form video service that lets users create and upload a video of 15 seconds or less on YouTube. It's similar to TikTok, yet it exists within the YouTube app.

In YouTube's own words: "Shorts are the latest video experience (short-form) for artists and creators who wish to shoot impressive, short videos with the help of their smartphones."

What does this mean?

For music creators, this is great news, as it will offer more opportunities to have your music be discovered - for example, if a video that includes your music suddenly starts trending on Shorts. It's always good to have your music available on several platforms.

How do I get my music on YouTube Shorts?

When you choose YouTube Music as a store, this automatically includes their new service YouTube Shorts. This means that if a release is distributed to YouTube Music, it will usually automatically be available on Shorts too.

Keep in mind though that since Shorts is still under development, not all releases will be available there. YouTube is constantly working on getting more and more releases available for Shorts creation.

How does this affect my previous releases?

Your existing releases will be automatically added to YouTube Shorts if you've added YouTube Music as a store. So no need to do anything, you can just sit back and relax.

What if I don't want my music on Shorts?

If you don't want your music on Shorts, you need to take down your release(s) from YouTube Music. These two services are connected, so there's no way to take down your music only from Shorts while keeping it on YouTube Music. Please contact support by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom right corner. You'll find it on our Helpcenter or any page when you're logged in to your Amuse account.

Read more about YouTube Shorts here.

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