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YouTube Official Artist Channel (OAC)
YouTube Official Artist Channel (OAC)

How to request a YouTube Official Artist Channel via Amuse

Updated over a week ago

We're thrilled to announce that our new YouTube Official Artist Channel feature is now available on Web for Pro and Boost users!

If you're an artist on YouTube, your Official Artist Channel (“OAC”) brings together all your subscribers and content from your different YouTube channels into one place. Read more here about OACs.

Eligibility Checks:

To ensure a smooth OAC upgrade process, we'll run some internal checks on your YouTube channel. Please review the following criteria before making your request:

  1. Single Artist or Band/Group Representation:
    Your channel should represent one artist or band/group, not a label, recording studio, music promotion brand, or artist collective.

  2. Official and Exclusive Channel:
    Your channel must be the only official channel representing the artist/band/group on YouTube.

  3. Matching Channel Name:
    Ensure that your channel's name is an exact match to the artist/band/group's name.

  4. Clear Representation with Videos:
    Have at least 2 available videos which immediately give the impression that this is clearly one artist or band/group, and this is their official artist channel.

  5. Intermediate Features Enabled:
    Confirm that your channel has Intermediate features enabled.

  6. Distribution with Amuse:
    You should have distributed at least one release to YouTube Music with Amuse, and your latest release should be with Amuse.

By ensuring your channel meets these criteria, you enhance the likelihood of your OAC upgrade request being granted. Follow these simple steps to request the OAC upgrade:

Requesting OAC Upgrade:

  1. Navigate to the "Artist" Section:
    Head to the top navigation bar and click on the "Artist" section.

  2. Scroll Down to "Artist Profiles" Section:
    Once in the "Artist" section, scroll down until you find the "Artist Profiles" section.

  3. Request OAC with YouTube:
    Click on the "Request OAC" option to initiate the process with YouTube.

  4. Select the Channel:
    If you have multiple YouTube channels, choose the channel you'd like to request the OAC upgrade for.

  5. Complete the Request:
    Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the request process.

Confirmation and Timeline:

Once your request is submitted, you can expect to receive confirmation from us regarding whether or not YouTube approved your request via email within 6 weeks. Keep a close eye on your inbox for this exciting update!

Remember, YouTube makes the final decision. Increase your chances by following the tips in this article closely. If you encounter any issues or have further questions, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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