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I can't verify my email!
I can't verify my email!
Updated over a week ago

Can’t verify your email? No problem, here are some reasons why you may have an issue verifying your email:

  1. The issue is most likely caused because you have already verified the email. In that case, you just need to pull down and refresh the app to update your profile to see that it is verified.

  2. Try to sign in and out of the app.

  3. If you can't find the verification email, make sure to search through all your inboxes for an email from [email protected] and subject Verify your email.

  4. Still can't find it? Did you use the correct email address? If you didn't, you won't find an email.

  5. Remember that our login fields are case-sensitive, so if you signed up using an uppercase email address, you’ll need to type it out the same during the login process.

Still nothing? Please contact us by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom right corner. You'll find it on our Helpcenter or any page when you're logged in to your Amuse account.

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