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What happens if I cancel my Pro subscription?
What happens if I cancel my Pro subscription?
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When you cancel your Pro subscription, the Pro features that you currently have will be disabled. Here’s a summary of what will change:


Your releases will be removed from all stores once your Pro/Boost subscription expires.*

*From March 27, 2024


All of your royalty splits that you have set up will stay put, but you will now pay 15% on your splits (existing and future) for upcoming royalties as as a non-subscriber.

Note: this is only for releases with splits, you still receive 100% royalties for releases without splits. You can view your splits by logging into your Amuse account on our web app.

YouTube Content ID:

YouTube monetization is removed from all your tracks.


When your subscription expires, you won't be able to upload new releases.


The response time for non-subscribers is around 10 business days, whereas Pro users get guaranteed support within 24 hours for any issue.

What's next?

Remember you can rejoin at any time. The Amuse Pro community will be waiting for you.

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