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What's the difference between Boost and Pro?
What's the difference between Boost and Pro?
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Here at Amuse we offer two different tiers: Boost and Pro.

What's the difference between these two tiers? Boost is perfect for artists who are starting out and Pro is the most advanced - for the artists and independent labels who are serious about their music career.

Here's a short video explaining the differences:

What's the difference between Boost and Pro?

Both Boost and Pro let you release your music in more stores and faster, with access to Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Pro lets you pick a release date in 10 days whereas for Boost it's 14 days. With both Pro and Boost you can opt for "Release as soon as possible", getting your music out at lightning speed - as quick as 48 hours on some major stores!

Pro offers additional features such as team management, custom label names and unlimited artist profiles. Pro also includes Fast-Lane Support with a guaranteed response time within 24 hours. For Boost, the response time is within 72 hours. Youtube Content ID is also commission free with Amuse Pro.

What's the deal with royalties?

BOOST: For Boost accounts, there's a 15% fee for YouTube Content ID royalties. All other royalties are 100% yours.

PRO: If you have a Pro subscription, there are no percentages withdrawn from your royalties. You always get 100%.

Which subscription should I choose?

For artists or independent labels who release music regularly, going Pro is the way to go.

Boost is a great option for those who want access to more stores and features, yet don't feel the need to have all the upgraded Pro features.

Is fast support, team management, custom label names, unlimited artist profiles and YouTube Content ID important to you? If yes, we recommend choosing a Pro subscription.

Read more about Amuse Boost and Pro here.

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